6 secrets to using the current fashion trends to your advantage when dressing modestly

6 secrets to using the current fashion trends to your advantage when dressing modestly

It is hard to dress in the latest fashions and not let it all hang out! Who is with me?? How do we use the trends to our advantage when trying to keep our private parts covered?

We are here to help! We have 6 WAYS TO HELP YOU STAY ON-TREND AND BE MODEST. 

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A disclaimer...We shoot for 'modernly modest'- meaning we like to wear tanks and shorts and sometimes even mini dresses, but we like to keep covered while doing it. We have all the hacks to prevent embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions by adding a few pieces or making a few tweaks to your outfits.

Here you go!

1. The obvious: longer shorts (5 inch inseams?) and dresses. They are out there! Keep your eye out. Www.redeemboutique.com always has a big selection! Also, under your mini dresses, wear some short bikers.  Remember when we used to do that as a kid? Why did we stop? When you do this, you are safe in case of a big gust of wind or if you take a tumble, lol. Also. maxi and midi dresses are so on-trend. Let's take advantage of that!!

2. Camis under low or backless tops.  Also obvious, right?  But so many times we don't buy a shirt because it is revealing on its own.  Oh my goodness, there are some super cute revealing tops which would be made completely modest if you added a tank or tee underneath. Be creative! Wear a tank when you go shopping so that you will be able to envision that sexy-mama shirt's, modest potential!

3. Shackets, Shackets. Shackets.  Can I hear it from the girls in the back??!! These winning pieces are so in style and cover all the uncovered places. Wear it open over a backless top or dress. Wear it half buttoned over a crop top. Tie it around your waist to cover your middle. Shackets offer all the options.  You can find them everywhere right now and in every print and style. You could also choose a cardigan or any button down, as well. 

4. Super high-waisted jeans.  Have you noticed that almost every shirt is cropped?  i feel like the vendors started making half of a shirt, and selling it for more than a whole shirt!!  Well that is where high-waisted jeans come in. They are in style for now, so let's go with it! If they are high enough, you can wear many cropped tops and not show any skin. I usually choose to wear a thin cami underneath if i am going to be doing something active, but if just out to dinner and a movie, the high waisted jeans take care of it! (This is a perfect chance to style a shacket with your outfit!)

5. Biker shorts.  i know you are all saying, excuse me, what did you say? Yep! Biker shorts. The trend for bikers is long right now, instead of a few years ago, where all you saw was everyone butts out the bottom of their shorts! The great thing about long bikers is that the favorite way to wear them right now is with a big oversized t-shirt that covers your whole butt1. This is def our favorite style of the season! No modesty issues here...long shorts, huge oversized tee, super comfy... yes, please!!

6. Tuck in your shirt!(or wear a bodysuit!!) This is the style right now and it is an easy way to not show any skin.  Even a french tuck fits the bill. A french tuck is when you just do a small tuck in the front of your blouse and leave the back untucked. 

Yes, some of these are super obvious but learning how to use the trends to your advantage is where its at! 

We will keep you on-trend, modernly modest and up to speed for every season.

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